10 Best Online Colleges for 2018–2019

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education degree online
education degree online

Online colleges and universities differ widely in quality. Also, more and more campus-based schools are competing for online students and offering online degrees. Rankings of online universities and colleges therefore need to be regularly updated. Hence this ranking of the 100 Best Online Colleges for 2018–19.

Finding the best online college for you personally

Assuming online education is right for you, then one of the schools in our ranking of the 100 Best Online Colleges will be sure to fit your needs. Nonetheless, it is useful to supplement this ranking with another set of rankings that we’ve done, one that focuses on the best online colleges in each state.

To help you in choosing the online college that is best for you, this article therefore includes the following resources:Even though online education knows no boundaries, in fact it can make sense to attend an online college in your state or region. The ability to visit campus and the readiness of employers to hire graduates from known regional schools, even if the course of study is entirely online, are bonuses to consider

Together, these resources will help you to make smart, informed decisions about whether an online education is right for you and, if so, which online college or university to attend.

Important Information About Online Colleges

This ranking of the best online colleges and universities is based on extensive research and familiarity with American online education. In formulating this ranking, we looked to such factors as academic excellence, scholarly strength of faculty, online teaching methods, tuition costs, reputation, awards, regional accreditation, financial aid, and range of degree programs offered:


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