Must Have Furniture in Moroccan Décor Style


The beauty of living now comes to your house. Just add the touch of Moroccan style will make the design of your house artistic and luxurious. Today, many interior designers include the Moroccan style into their design because this fashion uses some unique pattern, color, and shapes. Moroccan décor style has wide variation as a result of the many cultures and religions in the nation of Morocco. There are several nations that support this variation such as the Arabs, Romans, Spanish, Berbers, and Sub-Saharan Africa. No wonder that this Moroccan decoration create a unique and beautiful landscape. The architecture itself is rich, inspirational, and vibrant. If you want your house fulfill with this Moroccan design, just check out below what you need the most.
tranquil moroccan living room decor style with striped valances and antique round side tables
Room Full of Moroccan Style Decorating Ideas
First of all for the living room, you can use sofas with the pattern of Moroccan geometric style. Other Moroccan style furniture you should have is the light in the center of the living room. Use the lantern-light style to add the classic feel of Moroccan style. If you like this classic design, you can use wooden décor, ottomans, and plush rugs. Add mirrors in the wall and paint the wall not only with the white or cream paint, but use the color of orange and fresh yellow. These two colors are now the popular trend of house with Moroccan style. But if you want to bring the Mediterranean sense to your home, choose the color of turquoise, teal, or aqua.
moroccan living room style with sunburst mirror and geometric rug pattern
Still for the classic, Moroccan style decorating ideas include contrast color for every furniture. This is quite the same as the Indian style décor. It also uses heavy pattern in everywhere. Choose the furniture with different bright color and fit them to make good mix in the living room. Add drapes, natural greenery, keyhole windows, and arches for example. If you like the modern Moroccan design, don’t worry. You can have this by using the bright or magnetic color for the wall, the plush rugs, and if needed the plush ottomans. The main focus in the modern Moroccan style is the sparkling and charming design, so it will not use many bright colors. Use neutral and cool color for every ornaments and furniture is exactly what you needed the most.
moroccan interior with pink decor also futon sofa and corner fireplace
Next, for the Moroccan bathroom, the style is undeniably luxury. The upper part for the bathtub can be added with the canopy panels. Chaise and chandelier will be optional furniture to have. Moroccan décor style for the kitchen uses the amazing mosaic tile backsplash and also for the kitchen’s floor. For your bedroom, you can add thick blankets made from sheep’s wool and cotton.

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