Renewing the Classic Attic Design


When you heard the word attic, what comes in your mind for the first time? The area for the old junks? Dusky and old room? Or, the classic attic design that penetrates you to feel the horror sense of your house? It should not be like that anymore today. In this very modern day, attic can be changed at all for a modern function, as a bedroom, TV room, guest room, living room, library, workstation, etc. By this, you can maximize the function of every room in your house, and this is quite good for you who has attic but with the small house.
victorian attic design with classic chandelier also teak wood floor
Tips to Decorating Attic Room
Decorating attic room is not difficult. You only need to let your idea and decide the function of your attic room. Here will be given some ideas to change your old attic room. First tips, is to make your attic become the bedroom. This attic bedroom design ideas is the most popular idea for today. Paint the wall or give wallpaper to renew the aura of the attic. Floor too, change the color of it if you still want use wooden floor, or else, use ceramic. Try to place the bed near the skylights window. This bedroom can be the room for your baby too. Your babies need smaller room for their magical and private world. Just put the cabinetry for the toys and little bed as their size.
stunning retro attic design with classic furniture also zebra wall arts
For the small attic design, you can use it as a guest room. Guest bedroom is simple. Filled with bed, bedside table, and lamp, and everything will be alright. The small attic can be used as an office or workstation too. Here you can get more privacy and the place is so calm. Library and reading room is the next form of the new attic. Give chairs, small table, carpet, open cabinet for magazine and newspaper, and bookshelves for your book collection. It can be used as a closet too.
The next classic attic design is to make it for lounge, guest room, and living room. Take your guest here and they will astonish how you create such unique guest room. Just bring necessary accessories and furniture if your attic is small. Using the long on attic for living room is also possible. Attic can be changed as a play-room for your kids and their friends. Kids really like small and private room than adult. The last idea is to create bathroom in the attic. If your attic is really small, just make it as a simple bathroom.

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