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Kmazing: Interesting Facts About Black Pink

For the fans of Korean entertainment, I am sure that Blank Pink becomes one of the new phenomena inside the Korean entertainment industry. Yes, two years after releasing the first two songs, this girl group becomes the big waves of the K-Pop entertainment. They are the Kmazing girl group that has most fans in the world.

Then, their new single song entitled Ddu-du Ddu-du in June led the Billboard charts and make a new history of this group. Here, we will talk about the facts about Blank Pink. By seeing the facts of it, I am sure that you could know more about this amazing Korean girl group!

Best Charting Girl Korean Act Ever

Since released the two first songs around two years ago, the Blank Pink becomes one of the most popular girl groups inside this generation. They are the charming swagger and the dynamic group fulfilling the desires of fans who want to watch the attractive girl group.

One fact that makes Blank Pink as the Kmazing girl group in the world is the successful of this group becoming the first number inside the Billboard chart. They become the first non-English song which lay on the top rank.

They Have Only Nine Songs

Although we cannot deny the successful of the Blank Pink, we will get the amazing fact about this Kmazing group. Yes, in their journey of career, the group still has only nine original songs.

However, the quality of the performances –although the songs are very limited, become the most interesting matter to watch. However, I am sure that the fans always wait the new song coming from Blank Pink.

Well, there are the nice and interesting facts about the Black Pink that you may read. I am sure that you may find the different facts to enjoy. Just try to support this Kmazing girl group to show that you are the incredible fans!

Description: Kmazing says that Black Pink is the new phenomena of the Korean entertainment industry. They come and become the most popular group.

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